Several new Transformers comics on the way

IDW Publishing have two new mini-series soon to be released, while two on-going series will get new story arcs.

The first new mini-series is Transformers: King Grimlock. It stars Dinobot in a barbarian fantasy setting. Steven Orlando of Wonder Woman fame will write it while Agustin Padilla (who worked on Dungeons & Dragons) will draw it.

The other new mini-series is Transformers: Shattered Glass, by Danny Lore (James Bond) and Guido Guidi and others. It takes place in an alternate universe, with the Autobot Blurr trying to prevent a new war between the Autobots and Decepticons.

Finally, Transformers and Transformers: Beast Wars will get new storylines. The first one’s is called “Sea of Rust”, starring Megatron and his mentor Termagax. Beast Wars gets the “Pod” arc, which will star BlackArachnia.

The first of the five part Transformers: King Grimlock is out in August this year.

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