About Us

Originally published from 2014 to 2019, RETRO Video Game Magazine focused on bringing awareness to RETRO gaming enthusiasts about the things happening around this magnificent hobby; with topics that included: new games and hardware being developed, rare items, unreleased games, as well as retrospectives, articles, reviews, interviews, and back history of companies and games that marked the industry.

Each edition was jam-packed with 65+ pages of content written by industry icons and professional journalists, designed to inform and entertain the global gaming masses. This made RETRO Video Game Magazine one of the most important video game-related publications in the world.

RETRO Video Game Magazine is now completely digital, and you can enjoy its contents through its official website (readretro.com) where you can find retro gaming-related news on a daily basis and we also have a Store section with thousands of retro games, consoles, and accessories.

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