Square Enix celebrates Dragon Quest’s 35th anniversary with online event

Dragon Quest was released for the Famicom in May 1986. It quickly became a phenomenon and is hailed to as the very first JRPG. The series thrives on to this day, with many installments in the main series, spin-offs, movies, mangas and a lot more. Square Enix will now celebrate it with an online event, which will be held on YouTube in not only Japanese, but also English, Chinese and Korean.

It will be divided in two parts, where the first part will be hosted by freelance announcer Natsumi Uga, who will talk about the current titles, as well as merchandise. The second part will see series creator Yuji Horii talk about the new entries in the series. Hopefully we will see some information on the upcoming Dragon Quest XII.

Here is the link to the event:

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