New Atari 7800 Game Rikki & Vikki Coming, Released on Steam Already

Rikki & Vikki Atari 7800

When it comes to the Atari 7800 independent homebrew developers often ignore, or just don’t know about, it. I like to think that it is more a case of them just not knowing about it than actively ignoring the console. With that in mind, I bring you our great friends here at RETRO Mag, news of a new Atari 7800 game – Rikki & Vikki. Before you check out the gameplay video and pics after the jump, I suggest firmly securing your jaw so that it does not hit the floor.

Now keep in mind, I understand being skeptical. I was very skeptical of things like this until I saw how well Sam’s Journey came out on the Commodore 64. After seeing that, I am more open minded to what independent homebrew developers can pull off with these classic platforms we all know and love.

Rikki & Vikki certainly looks impressive, especially for an Atari 7800 game. According to the developer’s thread over on AtariAge (if you are not a member, consider joining, it is free), the trailer that we see below is the actual Atari 7800 game. That is great news as it answers a lot of questions I had. Basically, Rikki & Vikki looks amazing, sounds awesome, and is another game that “probably should not exist” according to what we saw on the platform years ago.

Once you pick up your jaw since I know you did not secure it before checking that video out, take a gander at the stats here and plan your purchase accordingly.

  • Microsoft Windows
    • Costs $9.99.
    • Progress and High Scores are saved.
    • Music is in Stereo.
    • Supports Steam Achievements.
    • Supports Performance Adjustments.
  • Atari 7800 ProSystem
    • Costs $59.99 plus shipping.
    • Includes a sturdy box, cartridge, and Misery Land tour guide with two complimentary tickets.
    • Progress and High Scores aren’t saved.
    • Music is in Mono.

The question now is, who is getting which version? The Atari 7800 version is allegedly limited to 550 copies total. There is no pre-order, there is no “post and secure your copy” on this one. Rikki & Vikki will apparently be a first come, first serve if you want the physical edition. Quite a different release model versus how other independent homebrew developers release games on Atari hardware. Almost forgot to mention, there will not be a digital ROM file sold of Rikki & Vikki so it is either Windows or, if you are quick enough, the physical copy.

Grab the Windows version on Steam right now.

Source: AtariAge forums and the Upcoming & New 8 Bit Games Facebook page

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