Sakura Wars: Columns 2 translation released

Sakura Wars: Columns 2 is a spin-off to the strategy-RPG/dating sim series. Combining the gameplay of Sega’s classic puzzle series with the extensive story telling of the main series, it is one of the most ambitious genre cross-overs on the Dreamcast. It has now received an English fan translation patch.

The tools for the patch, which can be found here, only requires the GDI image of the original game. Fans have already played the patch and found some typos and other minor errors, which have been fixed for the 1.1 release. The team behind the patch had many people involved, which had tasks ranging from hacking, translation and even making some graphics. And of course, testing, testing and testing. Being very proud of their efforts, team leader Derek Pascarella (ateam) commented on their work with the words:

My goal from the start was to produce something that felt as close to an official, fully localized English Dreamcast game as possible. If you ask me, we achieved that.

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