Evercade VS announced

The handheld retro game system Evercade was released last year. It’s a new cartridge system playing officially licensed games from developers such as Atari, Data East, Piko Interactive and many more. As of now, over 260 games are available for it and the library keeps growing. Now comes a stationary version.

Evercade VS has many new features. It has two cartridge slots, allowing up to 40 games to be played without switching cartridge. It also has four USB controller ports. The controller has a button layout similar to the first PlayStation controller, plus an additional button. You will also be able to use the handheld system as a controller for the Evercade VS, or other USB controllers. The console will also have built-in WiFi capability and native 1080p HD resolution.

You can pre-order it today for £89.99. The release date is sometime in November this year.

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