The Evercade VS launch trailer shows everything you need to know about it

After a slight delay with its launch date due to the current global issues with component parts and shipping, the Evercade VS console seems to be almost ready to ship to retro gaming fans around the world. You might’ve seen the reviews and previews of the console, and now it’s time to watch its official launch trailer.

As you might know, the Evercade VS will be able to play officially licensed games from developers such as Atari, Data East, Piko Interactive, and many more. The difference with the previous Evercade portable console is that now you can hook it up to a 1080p TV to play multiplayer games.

A couple of weeks ago we saw the first glimpse of the console’s user interface along with all of its features, like the different Display Modes, its Quick Save function, Detailed Game information, Online Updates for the games, and more. Now you can see much of those features in its launch trailer, and as you can see in the following video it will be compatible with the Evercade handheld console too:

Will it be ready by the holidays? It seems very viable. For more information and pre-orders, check out its official web page.

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