Take a tour through the Evercade VS User Interface

There’s bad news and good news if you are waiting to buy the retro gaming Evercade VS console. The bad news is that its shipment has been pushed back a couple of weeks because of the global issues with shipping. But the good news is that we can now see how its User Interface will look.

As you might know, the Evercade VS will be able to play officially licensed games from developers such as Atari, Data East, Piko Interactive, and many more. The difference with the previous Evercade portable console is that now you can hook it up to a 1080p TV to play multiplayer games.

Blaze Entertainment released a video that shows several details of its User Interface, like the game catalog, the options you’ll have for Display Modes, its Quick Save function, Detailed Game information, Online Updates for the games, and much more.

The Evercade VS was originally going to ship in late November, but it was now pushed back to December 8th on the UK, December 17th on Europe, and January 14th, 2022 in US and Canada.

You can pre-order the Evercade VS and find out what retailers will have it available depending on your country, in its official web page.

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