System Shock will return as a live-action series

It seems that every day more and more video games are making the jump from pixels to movies or television series. Today it was announced that System Shock, the now-classic space-horror FPS, will have its own live-action series courtesy of Binge.

System Shock was a game that came out way back in 1994 and influenced later FPS titles based on narrative gameplay, like Half-Life and BioShock. It was a horror game where your character wakes up on a space station in the year 2072, where a rogue A.I. has caused chaos and you have to find your way out confronting killer cyborgs and mutants. The game, made by Nightdive Studios, will also be having a remake, so this new live-action series will come just in time. Although, no time frame for the release has been given for any of the projects.

Binge will be a new streaming service that will focus on content for gamers, they will also have a Driver series in collaboration with Ubisoft. This service will be available sometime during 2022.

To be honest, is quite a surprise as one might think that TV producers would be more interested in newer IPs, but for all of the retro gaming fans out there it’s a piece of really good news. We’ll wait for more information about this project and other series like it that will be coming to Binge.


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