Bitmap Brothers collection coming to Evercade

Bitmap Brothers is among the most legendary video game producers in British history. They made games in many genres, but you could often recognize their games by their stylish user interfaces and catchy electronic OSTs. A collection with some of their best games is now coming to the new retro game system, the Evercade.

The collection will have the following games:

*Speedball – a brutal, futuristic sports game.
*Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe – an even more brutal sports game
*Speedball 2100 – yet another brutal sports game, this one originated on the PlayStation
*Xenon 2: Megablast – a vertical shmup with a shop system
*The Chaos Engine – a steampunk topdown run ‘n’ gun of the best kind

The name of the cartridge is Bitmap Brothers Collection 1, so maybe there will be another one in the future. The first one will be released in September this year.

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