Sailor Moon translation in English available for Turbografx CD

Sailor Moon was a popular shojo manga, which later became an anime and alongside Dragon Ball was the entry to Japanese animation for many in the west. Now, around a quarter of a century later, the first of the two Sailor Moon games for the PC Engine/Turbografx CD (PC-Engine Super CD-ROMĀ² in Japan) has been translated and hacked by Supper, TheMajinZenki and cccmar (who previously released the Madou Monogatari translation patch for Genesis/Mega Drive).

The game plays like an adventure/visual novel. It game has a five part story, one for each Sailor Senchi character, taking place between the Makai Tree and Black Moon arcs of the Sailor Moon R anime. The translation team hasn’t only translated the main story script, but also added subtitles to voiced cutscenes and unlocked previously hidden gallery content they found during the work of the patch. You can find it on

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