Madou Monogatari I for the Mega Drive translated into English

The last official release for the Mega Drive (Genesis in North America) in Japan, as well as the last official RPG for the console, Madou Monogatari I has finally been translated by fans. The game, which originally released on Japanese computers, plays similarly to dungeon crawlers like Phantasy Star for the Master System and Shining in the Darkness on the Genesis. This particular port has a twist though: instead of turn-based battles they here take place in real time, with spells cast by using Street Fighter-esque button combinations.

The game tells the story of Arle, who randomly makes a perfect score at a written test at kindergarten school. After passing, she has to get out of a magic tower full of monsters to take her exam. Learning magic, shopping items and defeating monsters are some of the many things she will have to do to earn enough points to pass.

The team behind the hack has gone many extra miles to bring a more enjoyable experience with the game. The title screen graphics have been changed to reflect the new English title “Sorcery Saga”, a big and clear font has been inserted in place of the kanjis and many bugs of the original game have been squashed.

Check it out here.

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