Run Demon Run Finishes Development, Sent to Publisher

Run Demon Run Commodore 64

Earlier this year we brought up a new Commodore 64 title named Run Demon Run. For those that missed that article, this is an endless runner game, a genre that came to prominence on mobile devices (probably due to limited input). Well, Run Demon Run is finished, and we now know it is on its way to the publisher for final testing and production to follow.

Rules of Run Demon Run
1 – Press fire to jump
2 – Left and Right to move left and right
3 – Push down to duck
4 – Break “!” boxes to get bonus points
5 – Collect the jet boost for a free ride

There is a bit more shown off in the final gameplay video that was just released. We get to see a bit more variety in Run Demon Run with power ups for instance.

Why Run Demon Run is significant

New games for classic consoles are coming all the time, few are all that newsworthy. They are all impressive, but I like to see developers taking chances with new things rather than just repeating what we got on the platform when it was new. Run Demon Run mixes endless running with stylistic graphics. The graphics are a mix of silhouette and detailed scenery which creates a unique overall aesthetic.

Slightly different than other endless runners

Run Demon Run allows basic interaction with enemies, something most endless running games avoid. In other games, touch an enemy and you are dead. Here, you can jump into enemies to dispatch them. A slight change but still a neat mechanic to see implemented.

Technically impressive

Run Demon Run features parallax scrolling backgrounds, smooth scrolling, and large sprites that are well animated. That is all brought together with what appears to be some well thought out level design (based on what I have seen so far across a few videos).

Currently set to release on June 29th by Psytronik who will offer several purchase options including disk, tape, and thankfully digital download.

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