Retro-Bit tease new Dreamcast controller

Retro-Bit, producers of officially licensed Sega Genesis and Saturn controllers, have announced even more controllers from the Big Blue. The Sega Dreamcast, with its VMU slot and innovative triggers will get a re-design with many new features.

First and foremost may be the D-pad, which unlike the Genesis and Saturn counterparts for some reason wasn’t comfortable on the original controller, gets an update to include diagonals. The analog stick is also updated, but it is yet unknown how. The right side of the controller gets two new buttons, perfect for fighting games. The triggers get a new, more comfortable position. Last, but not least, you finally have the option to play wireless. But if you are person who prefers cords before batteries, your option still remains.

The new Dreamcast controllers are expected to arrive late this year.

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