Nintendo announces new NES and SNES titles for Switch, including Nightshade

The Nintendo Switch Online app is yet again growing stronger with four new SNES games and a NES game coming December 18th. Here are the titles:

*Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble! The last in the series on the SNES. Another grand platformer game with beautiful 3D rendered graphics. With this release, all three SNES releases are now available on the Switch.

*The Ignition Factor: A toptown action game where you take the role of a fire fighter, rescueing civilians in burning buildings, mining incidents and other scenarios. Known in Japan as Fire Fighting.

*Super Valis IV: Another entry in a long-running action game series starring female protagonists. A port of Valis IV on the PC Engine.

*Tuff E Nuff: A one-on-one fighter similar to Street Fighter II with nice audiovisuals.

*Nightshade: A classic NES title which combines point-and-click style gameplay with action. Surprisingly good plot and interesting setting for a NES game, with some great humour as well!

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