Former writer of “The Simpsons” explains jokes you didn’t get

Josh Weinstein was a writer and later executive producer for The Simpsons from the third season uptil the ninth one. He wrote together with his best friend Bill Oakley. Some of the most famous episodes of the show ever were written by them, including “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” (parts 1 & 2), “Bart vs. Australia” and “Marge Gets a Job”, which originated by an idea by Conan O’Brien.

Since comedy can be subjective and often requires knowledge of the subject at hand, certain jokes may be lost to some viewers. This is something Weinstein has tried to fix. By answering questions about jokes fans didn’t get, he is doing his best in explaining them on Twitter. Here is the link to the Twitter thread.

Among the explanations provided by Weinstein is the invented word “cromulent” and that “dingamagoo” isn’t really a pasta dish.

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