Anthony Mackie will star in the Twisted Metal live-action series

Twisted Metal Antony Mackie

When Sony announced their entertainment division called PlayStation Productions a couple of years ago, one of the first projects announced was a live-action adaptation of the Twisted Metal games. But as time passed, no news about the project was given, until now. It has been confirmed that Peacock has ordered the series and will have as its main star the actor Anthonie Mackie.

Mackie will not only be the star of the show, he will also produce it. It’s described as a comedic half-hour live-action adaptation. The showrunner and writer will be Michael Jonathan Smith, who has also worked on the fun Cobra Kai series.

The first Twisted Metal game made its debut on the first PlayStation console and it became an instant hit among fans. It was a game that combined driving with combat in modified vehicles. It was actually co-created by David Jaffe, who then later did the same thing with God of War. There were more games on the series, but the last one of them came out in 2015 for the PlayStation 3.

The live-action series will take place in a world similar to the games we’ve played from the series. Anthony Mackie will be a John Doe with no memory of his past, so he will take upon the challenge to win at the vehicle combat competition to find more information about his past.

We can expect that the shooting of the series will take place during the following months, so there is still no release window for when it will finally air. With a recent adaptation hit like the Uncharted movie and next year’s The Last of Us from HBO, this looks like a good start for other PlayStation characters to start thinking about making their way to movies or television. A God of War movie in the future, maybe?

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