Finding Teddy Finds Way to Sega Dreamcast

Is it me or does it seem like the Sega Dreamcast is picking up in support from homebrew independent developers? JoshProd, via PixelHeart, continues to support the last Sega console with new games. Finding Teddy is a point and click adventure like the classics by Sierra and LucasArts among many others.

Point and click goodness returns

Finding Teddy features three chapters of handmade pixel graphics and challenging puzzles to conquer. Another interesting selling point of this JoshProd release is there is no dialogue, just music and riddles to solve.

That certainly is a unique stance to take on a genre that is dominated by characters that seem to go on forever.

The story of Finding Teddy

A monster appears out of a cupboard and steals a teddy bear from the little girl while she was napping. As all jerks do, the monster slammed the door on its way out and woke the little girl. Realizing her favorite plush toy was gone she climbs into the cupboard and finds herself in a strange world. A world of magic and dangerous situations that the little girl must survive. Even if she finds her teddy bear, will she be able to find a way out of this world?

Characters make the game and Finding Teddy knows this

The main characters in Finding Teddy include the little girl that you control. She is on a quest to find her lost teddy bear. Mister Fly is available to help from time to time, he is known for his helpful personality traits. Mister Cat is known for having a horrible temper but is still willing to help the little girl by accessing tight areas she cannot fit.

Don’t wait, Finding Teddy is a limited release game

JoshProd and PixelHeart are only producing 2,000 copies of Finding Teddy. Once it is gone, it is gone. You will receive a certificate stating which number in the limited run you received. Rather than waiting for this to be out of print, why not go ahead and check out Finding Teddy and see if this is title you want to support by buying. If we support companies making games we like, we may just get more of them. You may remember JoshProd from their recent Kickstarter for Arcade Racing Legends.

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