Duke Nukem 3D comes to Switch with new features

One of the grandfathers of the FPS genre comes to Nintendo’s handheld/stationary hybrid on June 23rd in a special “20th Anniversary World Tour” version.

The game comes with many new features to make it worthwhile for Switch owners. An all new episode consisting of eight new levels by original designers Richard “Levelord” Grey and Allen H. Blum III are included. This episode has new music by Lee Jackson, the original sound designer of Duke Nukem 3D. New one-liners from the man himself, Jon St. John will please long-time fans of the franchise. More specific features of the hardware are gyroscopic aiming, HD rumble and motion controls. It’s even possible to play local multiplayer without the use of wires.

Additional features include in-game commentary and the option to play using either the original graphics engine or a remastered one.

If you pick up the game before July 7th, it will cost $9.99, which is half the price of what it will cost after that date.

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