Xeno Crisis Crushes Kickstarter Goals

Xeno Crisis Sega Genesis

Xeno Crisis by Bitmap Bureau is an overhead action game that calls back to the days of Smash TV, Zombies Ate My Neighbors, and Shock Troopers. The levels are procedurally generated, featuring room after room full of evil creatures that are thirsty for your blood. Xeno Crisis has recently crushed all their Kickstarter goals, including bringing the game to Nintendo Switch and Steam (Windows, Macintosh, and Linux platforms supported).

Xeno Crisis features include:

  • Intense arena-based combatwhere the player must constantly be on their toes, prioritising which enemies to engage next, and ensuring they don’t run out of ammo.
  • Procedurally generated maps and rooms, so you never know what’s coming up, and you have to adapt your tactics on a room-by-room basis.
  • Optional 2-player co-operative play, so you can take the fight to the enemy with a friend – just make sure you share the ammo!
  • 5 diverse areas to explore, each with their own obstacles and hazards, and secrets, including The Outpost and The Nest:
  • Upgrade system which allows you to adapt the game to your style of play – are you a cautious player or more gung-ho?
  • An arsenal of 9 different weapons to switch things up and turn the tables in your favour.
  • 5 intimidating bosses, each of which will demand you to learn a different strategy to defeat them.
  • Two modes of play; once you’ve completed the Arcade mode you can try your hand at the Infinite mode, where even veteran players will find a challenge.
  • Two difficulty levels; “Rookie” and “Hardcorps“. Playing on Rookie will mean easier progress, but you won’t be able to see the “good” ending!

The Bitmap Bureau team consists of some serious industry veterans including Mike Tucker (game tester on Carmageddon, producer on House of Dead Ninjas, Knightfall, and more), Matt Cope (programmer behind some of the most iconic Nokia cell phone games we all remember), Henk Nieborg (pixel artist responsible for Adventures of Lomax, Shanteae, Contra 4, Harry Potter, and many more), and Catherine Menabde (former storyboard and background artist for animation, handling interstitial screens for Xeno Crisis).

Music is provided by Savaged Regime, renowned chip-tune artist well versed in working with the Mega Drive’s YM2612 chip. You know it is going to sound well, for proof, check out the video above – that is Savaged Regime’s rocking music that will play out your television speakers while playing on all platforms, including the Sega Genesis.

Look, we don’t get many games like Xeno Crisis so if you love this style, want to support more Sega Genesis and Dreamcast titles then head over to their Kickstarter, throw some dough at it (digital copies are £10 (about $14 for North American gamers).


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