RETRO Magazine New Beginnings

RETRO Magazine has gone through a substantial change since Summer 2017. The magazine as it was it no longer is. The business entity that once started and mismanaged this publication has gone bankrupt. A new team has taken over the assets since Summer 2017 and has been working on injecting new life into this publication. Some of the most prominent things that the new team has been doing is building a new website with a new store, communicating with past subscribers, as well as providing something of value to subscribers that were left hanging with no issues because the business failed.

RETRO Magazine will be phasing out their old style and vision, and will be bringing a new one that will concentrate on what it should have concentrated on since day one. RETRO Magazine will cover articles such as new games being developed for classic consoles. Consoles that are considered classic/retro (normally early 2000’s and back). Whether it is a commercial game or an indie game. If it rocks, we will make sure to let you know about it, either in print and in the magazine (we like print, A LOT). We will also cover new accessories, clone consoles, and overall products that come out every year (there are a lot of cool things to discuss). In addition, we will also write about old games that are being re-released on digital download platforms like the Nintendo E-Shop, Steam, GOG, PSN, Xbox Live, etc.
We have prepared Issue 13 and it is available now. Issue 13 still has a bit of the past life as we decided to honor this issue that was just over half done when the business went burst. For this issue we plan to launch digital only, if we can reach a decent number of subscribers on the RETRO Magazine Patreon Page, Issue 13 will go out to print and will be delivered in the homes of subscribers as soon as possible.

Print media is a dying format. We see left and right how publications are switching to digital. However, it would not make sense to have a magazine that concentrates on old formats to be digital only. We need you subscribers to be able to legitimize this publication. If we reach 1000 subscribers with a very modest yearly or per issue price, we can make this happen and set the ground to keep the magazine physical.

We plan cool new things to be added to the magazine, anybody remember POGs? or maybe disks with games? A digital download game? We are still brainstorming, but we would love to give out subscriber goodies to make this publication worth it to you.

We appreciate you reading this blog post, and we hope to win your business soon!

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One thought on “RETRO Magazine New Beginnings

  1. rotten51 November 2, 2017 at 3:05 am

    I loved the old magazine and was part of the initial crowdfunding campaign in 2014 or was it 2015?. Retro is a great magazine and I am very happy that Retro is being published again!

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