Worms Rumble coming to Xbox systems and Switch

Worms Rumble was released in December last year for the PlayStation 4 & 5 and Steam. It is currently being ported to Xbox Series, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch for a release later this year.

Worms Rumble is different from its many prequels in the way that it is played in real time, unlike the turn-based combat which the series was known for. The game can be played up to 32 players simultaneously online, with cross-platform gameplay possible. The game mixes old and new, with classic weapons such as the Bazooka, Holy Hand-grenade and Sheep Launcher, and new ones such as the Hammerhead and Plasma Blaster. The game features modernities such as seasonal events and experience points to win weapons skins and other cosmetical accessories.

Worms took the world by storm in the mid-90s with its tactical gameplay and comical setting. It was first launched on the Commodore Amiga, but was ported to most platforms of the time. The game spawned sequels, and between Worms 3D (2003) and Worms W.M.D. (2016), there were new releases in the series released every year.

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