Watch the classic Transformers cartoon online for free!

When the Transformers cartoon aired in 1984, it blew the minds of all the kids that grew up during the eighties. Even though it was made to sell the Hasbro action figures, each episode had great animation and exciting battles between the two factions: Autobots and Decepticons. If you’d like to watch it again, you can do so for free on Hasbro’s YouTube profile.

At the moment of writing this article, only the first season is available but Hasbro has promised that they will add more seasons in the following weeks. So you’ll be able to binge-watch all of the original episodes soon.

The original series is still one of the favorites of the fans, some even believe that it’s way superior to the first movies by Michael Bay. What do you think about it?

Here’s the first episode:

You can watch the rest of them in the official playlist here.

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