Are Game Boy games coming to Nintendo Switch Online?

This past week there have been several rumors that affirm that Game Boy and Game Boy Color games will soon come to the Nintendo Switch Online service. And it actually makes sense. The subscription service already has NES and SNES games, that offer a catalog of fan favorites games and also some hidden gems or previously unreleased titles in America. So even though they don’t have a vast catalog, if you are a subscriber of the service then you can enjoy some great games.

This September marks the third anniversary of Switch Online and several news outlets (like Eurogamer) say they have sources that confirmed to them that some games from those portable consoles will be available in the next couple of weeks.

The last time Game Boy games were available to buy in modern consoles was with the Virtual Console eStore on Nintendo 3DS. But there are still many GB titles that old-school fans want to play again, and Switch would be an awesome console to play them in.

What titles do you wish would come back? We hope to find out soon if the rumors were true.

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