Transformers and Back to the Future crossover on the way

Transformers and Back to the Future cross paths in a new mini-series of comics. IDW Publishing has put writer Cavan Scott (Doctor Who, Star Wars) and artist Juan Samu (Black Panther, M.A.S.K) to make the four-part crossover. In a press release, the publishers have this to say about the story:

In the debut issue, Marty McFly returns from the adventure of a lifetime to a new, better Hill Valley… that is, until Marty and his friend Doc Brown’s time machine attracts the attention of the Decepticons. With one small mistake, Marty finds himself once again thrust into action to unravel a Decepticon plot in the past, present, and future… now with the help of a new converting time machine, the Autobot called Gigawatt!

Transformers is a cartoon series from the 80s, starring the mechas known as Autobots and Decepticons fighting for good and evil, respectively. Much later, Michael Bay made a few movies based on the cartoon. Back to the Future is a film trilogy exploring the concept of time travel, starring Michael J. Fox and directed by Robert Zemeckis. You can buy the first crossover issue of these two legendary sci-fi franchises in October, this year.

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