Hiya Toys announce Alien and Predator action figures

The Alien and Predator series are among the most celebrated action/horror films of the 80s, both starring horrible creatures, putting fear into the hearts of humans, especially those going to the cinema. The franchises later had a comic book crossover called Alien vs. Predator in 1989, followed by a couple films based on it. Many action figures based on the their characters have been released before, but this doesn’t stop Hiya Toys from making some new ones.

The Alien figure is based on the 1979 original, while the Predator is from the first crossover movie. They both stand 4 inches tall. The recommended age for buyers is 15 and up, probably because the movies has such a rating and not because kids so old may swallow loose parts. They come at the price of $19.99 each. Alien will be released in May 2021, while the Predator arrives a few months prior, in March.

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