TNT Cowboy Mattel Intellivision Bound

TNT Cowboy Mattel Intellivision

Who is still rocking their Intellivision console? If you are one of those gamers then you are probably going to want to continue reading because you have a new game coming. TNT Cowboy by Elektronite, in association with Kai Magazine, is an action/role playing game – a genre not well represented on the classic console, that you will be able to enjoy if you have the right setup.

TNT Cowboy tells the tale of an old west that did not feature guns as the main problem solver, instead people used TNT charges. Yep, they didn’t have duels on main street in this wild west, instead they blew each other up. There is no word on how the local undertaker felt about this and how it impacted his coffin building business though.

The town is in trouble as weird gigantic creatures are appearing and, well, just doing what gigantic creatures do. Couple those rather large jerks with the fact that some townsfolk have started seeing ghosts and you can easily see why this is not natural.

TNT Cowboy Mattel Intellivision

What is interesting about TNT Cowboy is the style of game. An action/RPG moniker probably evokes visions of Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series. You would not be far off thinking that either. Hey, if it works, why change it? The style does indeed work and if handled well, TNT Cowboy could stand head and shoulders above the competition on other platforms.

Now to the interesting part. The distribution method for TNT Cowboy is a little “different”. First, for the time being you can only play TNT Cowboy if you have an LTO Flash cartridge. Then, you have to e-mail the team at Elektronite your flash cartridge identifier. They will then e-mail you a Paypal address for you to make your payment then 24 to 48 hours after payment is made you will finally receive your ROM file.
Got all that?

Later this year a broader release will be made available that includes loose cartridge and and an optional purchase for the box, manual, and overlays.

Full ordering information is available on the Elektronite Facebook page.

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