Teela from Masters of the Universe maquette pre-orders open

Tweeterhead have opened pre-orders for their 1/5 scale maquette of the superheroine. It stands 18,5″ tall. Based on the toy and cartoon appearances, Teela will include two interchangeable portraits, one modern with a longer pony tail and one classic without it. She comes equipped with a sword and a shield. Teela comes in two editions, Collector Edition and Exclusive. The later includes an interchangeable right arm which can replace the sword with her Staff of Ka.

Both editions are priced at $475. You can get $25 off if you pay in full at the time of your pre-order. Exclusive has only 600 copies made of it, while the amount of copies for the Collector is yet to be revealed.

Teela is expected to ship the last quarter of this year.

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