Tanzer, New Sega Genesis Run and Gun Action Game in Development

Tanzer Sega Genesis

When it comes to new independent homebrew games, the Sega Genesis certainly leads the pack. No other console has as many new games released after Sega left the console, nor coming out soon, as the Sega Genesis does. Take Tanzer for instance. This is a new title in development by Makael Tillander and his team.

According to the Kickstarter for Tanzer, inspiration is pulled from Strider, Hagane, and similar titles. It is apparent that Strider is a heavy influence when you check out the gameplay video below.

Graphically, Tanzer is impressive for an independent homebrew title. There could be a little more animation on the main character but other than that, things look quite good. Mr. Tillander and his team have the basics covered.

The main character has standing animations, running, attacking, and jumping. The attacking animation seems a little limited in comparison to the other animations though.

The Kickstarter for Tanzer is already a success bringing in over five times the minimum requested with about 20 days to go, as of this writing.

The interesting thing about Tanzer, at least for me, is the mix of old west style aesthetics with futuristic robots. Enemies include robotic two headed horse monstrosities, a giant skull (complete with HUGE gun) and even a face that is set inside an old west wagon.

Speaking of that giant skull, it is obviously a boss that you must take out. Another boss that I want to talk about is one that is seemingly the corpse of a female that was hung (she is still hanging from the gallows). To say Tanzer would earn at least a T for Teen rating if it was rated is an understatement at times.

Want to support new Sega Genesis titles? Check out the Tanzer Kickstarter campaign page and maybe throw your support behind this new game.

Feature image source: Tanzer Kickstarter

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