Switch Expansion Pack prices and what it includes

A few weeks ago, Nintendo surprised everyone with the announcement of the Expansion Pack to the current Switch Online subscription service. After days of speculation, we finally know how much it will cost and what will be included with the service. Here’s a quick guide to everything.

The normal Switch Online service will remain the same cost. If you wish to only keep paying for this service, you can do so with no problem. Remember that the normal service includes:

  • Online play
  • NES games
  • SNES games
  • Cloud saving
  • Switch Online app
  • Special Offers

While the new Expansion Pack combo will cost $49.99 for the 12-month individual membership and $79.99 for the 12-month family membership that can have up to eight members. This combo will include:

  • All of the things included in the Switch Online survive
  • Nintendo 64 games
  • Genesis games
  • And the Animal Crossing: New Horizons paid DLC

The N64 and Genesis games library will be adding more games in the future at no additional price, and you can also play online, they have quick-save features. While many people might not need the Animal Crossing DLC, which has an individual price of $24.99 but is a good bonus for the players that have the game. So, does this mean that future paid DLC for other games will also be included in the Expansion Pack? It seems possible but as with everything Nintendo does, they might surprise us with more stuff.

There will also be a special discount for current Switch Online subscribers, so check out their official web page for further information.

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