Super Mario Bros. hacked as Laputa: Castle in the Sky

One of the most popular and groundbreaking platformers of the 1980s, turns into an equally important film of the same era. Long time fan of both the movie and the game, who goes by the handle “Supergamerguy”, explained why he let the Mushroom kingdom turn into Laputa:

I couldn’t find any official Ghibli games, and little to no fan creations online for me to enjoy. So I decided to make my own! As Castle in the Sky slowly began to rise to the top as my favorite movie of all time, I began to make some basic pixel art of Castle in the Sky characters (based on Super Mario Bros. 1 sprites) that would become my inspiration for a ROMHACK several years later.

Being his first hack, it is quite simple in its execution, but still an impressive feat, using six different tools for 30 hours of work time. Mario steps aside for protagonist Pazu, Princess Peach for Sheeta and Bowser for the villain Muska. A new character has been added in place of Luigi, simply called Patwo. The environment has seen some extensive changes too, all to resemble the garden and interiors of Laputa.

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