Speedrunner finishes all of the Resident Evil games without taking a hit

Resident Evil 2

We’ve seen or heard of incredible gaming achievements over the years where players finish games like Dark Souls using a weird controller or finishing Breath of the Wild in a couple of minutes, just to mention a few examples. A speedrunner has now finished the classic Resident Evil games without taking a hit. In other words: a Flawless Victory.

He is known as MattDaRoc, and he achieved what is known in the speedrunning community as a “God Run”, that’s when someone finishes several games without getting a hit from an enemy. As you may remember, the classic Resident Evil games had different controls than most modern games. I’m referring to the tank-controls, which make those games hard and it’s complicated to move around the enemies like that.

If you wish to see this incredible feat, you can watch it on his YouTube channel, here’s the first video:

What game would you be able to pass without taking a hit?

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