Mother 4 fan game looks charming!

Mother 4 trailer

Let’s face the fact: we might never get the opportunity to have an official western release of Mother 3. Nintendo has avoided responding about the subject and it actually seems like they’re not really that interested in doing so. Nevertheless, the Mother (or Earthbound) series is much-beloved all around the world, so much so, that more hard-core fans are making their own version of the fourth game in the series.

Mother 4 is a new fan-made indie game that will someday come out on PC but, as the own developers say on their FAQ page, there are no plans to release it on consoles or mobile platforms. They are developing the game in a custom engine built on the Löve framework.

As you can tell by the following trailer, the game looks charming and even though we can’t see returning characters for licensing details, everything looks just like it should do:

There is no expected release window, and that’s fine, because the developer team is taking their time with it, and the love they have for the project is shown on the trailer. We hope that we hear more from them soon. In the meanwhile, you can follow them on their official Twiiter account.

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