SaGa Frontier Remastered coming summer 2021

The SaGa series has stood in the shadows of Square’s (now Square-Enix) other RPG franchise, Final Fantasy for the longest of time. However, recent years has seen some attempts from Square-Enix to rectify that, with modern releases of Romancing SaGa 2 and 3. And now it’s time for the first PlayStation entry in the series. It is being remastered and coming to PlayStation 4, Switch, PC, iOS and Android next summer as a digital release.

In addition to the improved graphics, the game has quite a few new features. An eighth playable character, the patrolman Fuse, is now available. Series creator Akitoshi Kawazu joins forces with Benny Matsuyama to write, with series composer Kenji Ito providing new music. Asellus, perhaps the most popular character of the original game, had some of her quest cut because of time restraints in the original development. The cut parts are now restored so you can enjoy her quest as originally intended. There are also new skills as well as quality of life improvements added, such as double speed.

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