Run and Gun Hades Based Shooter Hellbound Level One Video

Hellbound Commodore 64

With the popularity of Sam’s Journey propelling the Commodore 64 back to the forefront for many retro gamers, it just makes sense to continue bringing our readers more Commodore 64 games. Next up on our radar is Hellbound, another 2D side scroller but this time, it is a run and gun similar to Contra if there were more platforming in that classic Konami franchise. You are going down below for a good reason.

Set in Hades, Hell for some, Hellbound is an interesting take on the single screen action platform run and gun genre. Retro gaming fans may notice a familiarity with a Blizzard classic called Blackthorn.

The similarities are rampant between Blackthorn and Hellbound. There are enemies to avoid and platforms to traverse (duh, genre staples) and there are people in the background that need your help. Here they are lost souls that were stolen and trapped in the Abyss.

Similar to Blackthorn, you must rescue these hostages and then complete the level – in Hellbound this is accomplished by reaching the exit door that opens when all objectives are met.

Hellbound has a lot of shooting action for you to enjoy. You must shoot skulls that litter the levels which will free the chained to the wall soul as well open the exit door.

Sounds simple till you realize each level has unique platforms to jump on, enemies to avoid (your weapon is useless against them). Then you must complete your goal of shooting the skulls that litter the screen, and finally actually reach the exit door that never opens nearby.

Marvin Hardy is the developer of Hellbound for the Commodore 64/128 computer. There is hope that we will see this game release this year but it may slip to next year. We are fine with that, great games cannot be rushed out the door.

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