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Retro gaming fans have been getting more new tech at a fairly decent clip these last few years. While the game selection has not exactly been all that varied, mostly the mainstays of classic gaming depending on generation, it is interesting to see so much money flowing into giving fans another option to play choice classic games. Retro Bit is one such company that threw their hat in the ring with a home option a while back (their Retro Bit Generations console), now they are throwing their hat in the portable ring with their Genesis Portable System. Or as most Sega fans know it, Sega Nomad.

One thing to note about this before we get going is the name. More than likely Sega has let the use of the word Nomad expire, that or Retro Bit just didn’t want to use it thinking Genesis Portable System is a better name. Either way, that is the Sega Nomad with a few extra options in tow.

According to, the Genesis Portable System will feature a reset button, HDMI port, and PAL/NTSC switch. No word on the battery or how that screen is going to work – fans will notice the screen is not 4:3 ratio like the original Nomad.

A 16:9 screen is not necessarily a bad thing but here, where the screen is already small, it can be a make or break change. Playing 4:3 games, not stretched, on this screen could effectively make the screen maybe two thirds the size of the original Sega Nomad (which did not have a super huge screen in the first place).


Here is a pic of the original Sega Nomad. Notice the size of the screen in relation to the buttons and controller.

Another thing that is slightly different is the shape of the body of the Genesis Portable System. Gone is the weird slanted top of the Sega Nomad – which was probably chosen to stop people from attempting to attach the Sega 32X to the Nomad.

Also, the Genesis Portable System appears to be stereo while the original Sega Nomad was mono. The action buttons are slightly different too in case anyone is nitpicking.

Source: Twitter via Mega Visions Mag

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