Black Mirror Game Nohzdyve Playable, Netflix Pushes Envelope

Nohzdyve Netflix Bandersnatch

If you have not yet played the new Netflix Full Motion Video (FMV) game called Black Mirror: Bandersnatch then you are missing out. Besides all of the inside references to the Black Mirror television show, also available on Netflix, this is an exemplary example of how FMV games should be done. Now, further breaking the fourth wall with the viewer, Nohzdyve, a game that was under development by fictional game publisher Tuckersoft is now playable.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is an interactive version of the show Black Mirror – like an extended episode that you control. For those that don’t know, Black Mirror is like a more in your face socially adept show not unlike Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits shows. Each episode is a stand alone event but there are Easter eggs to watch for, especially in Bandersnatch. As with most good Easter eggs, the truly hardcore will be the ones that recognize them first. People like me that have only seen an episode or two, if that, of Black Mirror will have to rely on people explaining the inside references.

One Easter egg that requires no exposing by anyone else is the fact that the game Nohzdyve, a game that was being worked on by Colin Ritman for Tuckersoft is now playable in the real world. The game is, in itself, another Easter egg of sorts as it foreshadows the balcony jump that results in Colin Ritman dying, if you take the path that leads that way. Considering this is a massive FMV game, there are people that play it and are never given the opportunity to end Colin Ritman and others are given another way of the character no longer being alive in the game. That is FMV games for you, at least well done ones (which Bandersnatch joins a very small group of).

Check out the video above for the game in action and if you have a ZX Spectrum emulator, or the actual hardware available, then grab the game file from’s website.

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