Play multiplayer retro games online with the PiePacker

Coming soon at Kickstarter, PiePacker is a social gaming platform, which allows you to play your favourite retro games with long distance friends. You simply put a cartridge into the hardware, connect it to a computer with internet access and join your friends through the included software.

The PiePacker will have adaptors available for NES, Master System II, SNES and Genesis/Mega Drive. It will work with “any” controller and also comes with quality-of-life features such as pause, rewind, save and load. You can also video chat with your friends when using the PiePacker.

The platform also comes with a laundry list of games available to play, including Descent 2, Xeno Crisis, Micro Mages, Psycho Pinball, Worms Blast and Beast Ball. You will have the option to download these games and play them offline.

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