GameFrame lets you put your most treasured on display

Game boxes and their artwork are beautiful and often deserve more recognition. How can we enjoy them when they rest on the shelves most of the time? Here is where the GameFrame comes to your service.

The company known as Pound has an ongoing Kickstarter campaign, which seeks to fund the GameFrame. The GameFrame is a customizable frame which, thanks to magnets, allows you to position your game anywhere inside the frame, after which you can put it on a wall. It will work for boxes, cartridges and discs. The frame measures 10,5 x 7,25 inches for the inner part, and the outer frame measures 13 x 9,75 inches, and it is 2 inches thick. The GameFrame will protect your games from sunfading UV rays, obliterating 99,97% of them with an acrylic glass. You can get a GameFrame by pledging $50, and there are discounts if you pledge for more copies.

There are two stretch goals. A Special Kickstarter Enamel Magnet will be unlocked if the campaign reaches $100.000, and at $200.000 a Magnetic bubble level will be unlocked. Currently, the campaign has about $4.500 pledged of a $15.000 goal. It ends in 41 days. If the campaign gets funded, the GameFrame will ship this July.

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