New NES Game Nova the Squirrel Released

Nova the Squirrel NES Independent Homebrew

Action adventure fans have a good reason to get excited. Especially if they are still rocking that Nintendo Entertainment System. Nova the Squirrel is a new 8-Bit NES game that mixes fast paced segments with tons of enemies and exploration all into one interesting package.

Don’t worry if you don’t own a Nintendo NES any longer, while real hardware is always the best way to play, you can grab the ROM for Nova the Squirrel and play on an emulator. Besides, to play on a real NES you would need a flash cart of some sort.

Nova the Squirrel features:

33 levels
5 worlds
7 bosses
Ability to copy enemy abilities
Sound track by Vuurniac Squarewave
Modern design – no lives, no time limits, tons of checkpoints
A collectible item in each stage increasing the challenge
Bonus levels for those that beat the normal game
Bonus game – Double Action Blaster Guys

Whew. That is a lot of stuff but let’s look at a few of them closer. I am not a fan of modern design but whatever. I understand gaming has changed, forever, and designers must accommodate those new ideals in their titles.

The collectible in each stage is interesting. That certainly can increase the replayability factor in Nova the Squirrel. I like that aspect.

The ability to steal the abilities of your enemies is also interesting. While the page states there are only 10 abilities to copy and use, it is intriguing none the less.

Nova is not defenseless normally though. You can fling what appears to be nuts at your enemies with your tail. This is an underrated attack available for games that use characters with tails available. Good on the developer for using it. I appreciate the minute details.

Head over to to grab your copy of Nova the Squirrel. You can name your own price but please remember, if you like it donate something so the developer can make more cool games.


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