New Super Nintendo Action Game Called Taco Coming

Taco Super Nintendo

Independent homebrew game developer PA Games is continuing their work on a new Super Nintendo action game. Taco, tentative title, pits you with the challenge of collecting all the fish in each level. While this is simplistic sounding, it is going to be a bigger challenge than you may think.

Each level features a group of cats that have taken a liking to your fish. Cats being cats, they are not going to sit still and wait for you to come collect your aquatic food.

The cats will jump and run all around the levels making your quest just a little harder. Multiply the agility of the cats by the size of the levels you will traverse, and it is easy to see, your fish collecting is not going to be easy.

Collecting coins is also a concern as you jump and climb the sprawling levels.

Don’t forget, there is a time limit as well to be aware of.

PA Games have the basics of a good title here. Taco looks phenomenal in the video above, sounds amazing, and exudes quality already. We all know though, as development continues, things can go awry at a moments notice. Hopefully PA Games will be able to continue down the path they have started with Taco and produce an interesting action game.

In the video above, I can make a couple of assumptions about Taco. First, each level will apparently feature a short intro and a results screen. The results screen will tell you how well you did in the previous level. This is a clever idea and an interesting addition to an action game.

That results page begs you to 100% Taco, I can already feel it. Not many gameplay videos of games in development get me to wanting to play the product as much as Taco’s does.

Excellent job PA Games. Let’s see some more.

Source:, Homebrew Heroes, Twitter

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