Commodore Amiga Receives Worthy, New Action Puzzle Title

Worthy Commodore Amiga

New Commodore Amiga games are not as often an occurrence as they should be. That is why I am excited about Worthy, a new action puzzle title from PixelGlass. Check out the video embedded below, and you will see why. Available in digital and physical formats. Link after the jump.

Features: – 50hz, Amiga 500 optimised!

40 action packed levels!

Mind bending puzzles!

Superb 32 color pixel art!

Catchy tunes, lovely music!

Punchy, vibrant SFX!

Arcade style and presentation!

Multiple endings!

Worthy appears to have a bit of Pac-Man charm to it. Unlike Bandai Namco’s classic title though, you have more offensive abilities than just eating a power pellet. No, in Worthy, you will still be avoiding the enemies a lot but find that sword and it becomes a whole new game.

The levels appear to be quite a bit more detailed and different to each other than anything Pac-Man ever produced for players to traverse.

Your goal is to collect the gems and reach your true love to clear the level and advance to the next. Now, we all know games cannot be that simple.

Factor in the enemies and their varied types and general number of them coming after you and it is easy to see the challenge here.

The sword is a limited powerup, much like the power pellet in Pac-Man. Some levels may not even offer the sword to you so don’t expect to depend on that sharp object too much.

What I like is, PixelGlass are making Worthy for the Commodore Amiga available in both digital and physical formats. That is great. Piko Interactive also do this, though their digital versions are available through Steam and on various officially licensed products, as well as physical carts.

Head over to the website to make your support known. Don’t forget to check out the PixelGlass website.

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