New details of PlayStation’s “Project Spartacus” emerge

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PlayStation’s answer to subscription services like Xbox’s Game Pass or Nintendo Switch Online might be finally revealed soon. For several months there have been rumors of something called “Project Spartacus”, that would be the code name that the company has given to their possible future service. New rumors have surfaced that indicate the price ranges and what they would offer.

According to video game journalist, Jeff Grubb from VentureBeat, he has claimed to have learned new information about Project Spartacus. According to him, these service would have three different price tiers, that would include the following:

  • $10 a month for the Essencial tier
  • $13 a month for the Extra tier
  • $16 a month for the Premium tier

Now, the names of the tiers would only be placeholders and they might end up being named differently if the rumors end up being true. Depending on the tier and starting from the lowest one, you would get PS Plus and monthly games on the Essencial tier; PS Now downloadable games (250-300 titles) on the Essencial tier; and classic games, stream cloud, game trials, and the rest of benefits from the lower tiers on the Premium one.

As with all of the rumors, this information has not been confirmed by Sony and we should take it with a grain of salt. Now, there are other rumors that indicate that a State of Play stream would be announced in March, and they could reveal the service and even shadow-drop it’s launch pretty soon.

About the classic games that would be included in the service, nobody knows from what generation of PS consoles they are referring to.

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