Fan discovers Majora’s Mask secret graphics detail after 21 years

Ocarina of Time is the game that most Zelda fans played on the Nintendo 64, but the follow-up game, Majora’s Mask, is still regarded as one of the best and darkest of the series. After more than 21 years since it’s release, a fan just discovered an interesting detail of the game’s graphics.

Twitter user @zel640 shared his discovery regarding the night sky in the game. According to him, the stars on the sky change randomly depending on a simple factor: the name you input on the file you’re playing.

The night sky is probably the least interesting thing when you play the game, but nevertheless, his discovery is interesting. He found out how the stars in the game work by checking out the game’s code, he even shared an image on his personal account:

This may not have been a spectacular discovery, but it is interesting that people are still finding new or hidden details in classic games.

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