Steam Sales Worth Your Time and Money

Castlevania Anniversary Collection

Steam sales are often, coming quick and ending just as quickly. That means don’t wait, if you see a game on this list that you want, head over immediately and secure it. Pretty simple. Your mileage may vary and all that stuff. Today, there is a nice selection available though.

Compilations multiply your fun

Compilations are a great way to get several games, often different genres, in one purchase. The Cinemaware Anthology: 1986-1991 is just that. This collection covers sports, strategy, action, adventure, and more across the many games included. Defender of the Crown, the TV Sports franchise, Rocket Ranger, and more are included. A total of 13 games for about the cost of a 20-ounce soda at your local gas station.

For those that want something a bit more action packed I give you the Konami Anniversary collections. Konami has put together three of these so far, Contra, Castlevania, and an Arcade collection. Contra Anniversary Collection gives you 10 games while the Castlevania Anniversary Collection gives you 8 games plus a digital book. Finally, the Arcade Anniversary Collection drops 8 scrolling, both overhead and sidescrolling, shooters in your lap. Each set will set you back about $10 right now (50% off). Not bad, about $1 or so per game. For me, out of these sets, my money is on the Castlevania set.

Action gets the heart pumping

While you won’t find Mario or Sonic on this list, there are plenty of interesting action games on sale right now. TInhead is a unique one that features four worlds with 24 total levels to traverse. At 55% off right now, Tinhead is a great deal. A Boy and His Blob is a remake of the Nintendo NES original featuring modern graphics and sound. One to grab if you loved the first.

Water Margin – The Tale of Clouds and Wind and Gourmet Warriors are brawlers from yesteryear that were brought to modern gamers. Water Margin is more serious while Gourmet Warriors is off the walls wild fun. If you are interested in something new in the old style then check out Double Dragon IV for a great, if not numerically confusing, continuation of the classic franchise.

Puzzles and adventures to work the mind

My experience with Chip’s Challenge was on an Atari Lynx demo unit a local store had set up. I was not able to play that long but it was certainly interestingly different. Grab it or the sequel at a steal of a price right now. If you prefer more adventure in your puzzle solving then I cannot suggest Nightshade more – great for film noire fans.

Remember Deju Vu on the NES? You can grab the original Macintosh version, and its sequel so you can finish the story, right now for a cheap price. That’s right, you can experience the game without Nintendo censorship, includes both color and black and white versions.

How about Shadowgate or The Uninvited? Yep, the original Shadowgate is on sale right now, as well as its modern remake. All three are great additions to your library if you don’t have them already.

There you go, a ton of great games that won’t break the bank to enjoy. Let us know in the comments which ones you picked up, or have already, and which ones we should include next time they go on sale.

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