Limited Run Games Announces Star Wars Collector’s Editions

Star Wars

Lucasfilm Games and Limited Run Games have reached an agreement to bring “definitive collector’s editions” of classic Star Wars and Monkey Island games to various platforms. What is interesting is exactly what platforms those are.

Stand outs of the bunch

A couple that stand out to me are Star Wars for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire for PC and Nintendo 64 and a few others. I do wonder, along with a few commenters over on Star Wars Underworld about the validity of bringing new editions for retro consoles. I am not knocking re-releases and such but considering who is doing these and their past with how quickly they sell out, and fans are left to pay scalper fees, it just kind of hurts on a fan level.

My concerns

I am sure they are going to knock the packaging out of the park and make these awesome as all get out but honestly, how many fans will be able to enjoy these re-releases?

Also, there is no word if these will feature any kind of fixes to bugs, improvements of any kind, or any edits to the original games whatsoever. With Night Trap they did remaster it for the Blu-Ray edition so hopefully there will be more than just putting the code on new media (disc or cartridge) and some fancy packaging and a new label.

Will they be a hit?

I am sure they will. For the most part. The selection announced over on the Limited Run Games website is impressive – if you prefer just the Lucasfilm games check Star Wars Underworld’s link above. LRG has a track record of being able to produce a next level buzz for games that are generally panned by fans otherwise (just look at what they did with Night Trap). This announcement with Lucasfilm is generally some great games getting a new lease on life.

I would love to see LRG pull a Piko Interactive move and port these titles to new platforms, improve the game code, etc and give them new packaging. Check out the LRG Twitter for a promo video. I mean, it is great to see these titles returning but seriously, I hope it is more than just pretty cardboard and labels at play here.


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