Iron Commando and Gourmet Warriors Planned for Vinyl Box Sets

Iron Commando Vinyl Record

Two Piko Interactive Super Nintendo titles are getting the vinyl soundtrack treatment. Both Iron Commando and Gourmet Warriors were formerly unavailable to North American gamers unless you traversed the import markets. Piko Interactive acquired the rights and localized both titles as needed and then proceeded to officially release them. Now in partnership with SpaceLab9 both titles are planned for vinyl soundtrack releases. You get a copy of the game as well as the soundtrack on vinyl record.

More than just nostalgia

For those that are not familiar with Iron Commando and Gourmet Warriors, they are brawlers in the style of Final Fight or Streets of Rage. Personally, I am a huge fan of this genre and Iron Commando was a release I was more than slightly ecstatic for.

In recent years the vinyl record has made a comeback. Call it nostalgia. Call it wanting something a little more than just a digital file. No matter the reason for the resurgence, vinyl records are here and stand out in stores and in collections. Part of this is because of their size – vinyl records dwarf CD and DVD cases, commanding you look at them.

Gourmet Warriors Vinyl Record

More than just a record with music

SpaceLab9 and Piko Interactive are putting value in the package here. When placing your order for either Iron Commando or Gourmet Warriors you can choose the color of the vinyl record. Please note, there are only going to be 250 records produced for each color (two for each game). Frankly, I would not wait to place that order so you can get the color you want.

Okay, with that out of the way, let’s discuss what else is in the package. A platform compatible cartridge for your chosen game. As many fans as possible are being supported here so when ordering please choose NTSC (North America, Japan) or PAL (Europe, Australia, UK, NZ).

Not only that but you can expect a Steam key for your chosen game, either Iron Commando or Gourmet Warriors. Also, a music download, numbered certificate, instruction booklet, and a diecut sticker sheet will be in the box. Whew, that is a lot of stuff.

Don’t wait as these could be gone

Limited to 250 copies of each color vinyl record means there aren’t all that many to go around. I would not wait to order if you want one or more of these.

Grab your vinyl record collector pack for Iron Commando or Gourmet Warriors today.

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