Hundreds of sealed games from the 90s were found in a storage

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If we’ve learned something from television shows like Storage Wars or even from YouTubers that search for hidden gems on flea markets or garage sales, is that if you’re lucky you could find a valuable treasure that no one else knew about it. Well, that’s what just happened at a storage facility in Nebraska, where hundreds of sealed games were found.

The collection includes games from consoles like SNES, Genesis, 3DO, Saturn, and Sega CD. They were the property of a game store that closed its doors in 1994, but instead of throwing away the games or making a clearance sale, they just packed them up in storage containers and forgot about them. Until now:

The YouTube channel THISISGAMEROOM went to record the finding, but so far, they don’t know if the collection will be up to sale or conservation. The owners are revising the documentation and they hope to have news about it pretty soon.

CIB or Complete In Box games are more valuable in the market than opened or used games. We can see that there are some popular games and others that are hard to find CIB. So, needless to say, it’s a very cool finding.

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