Here’s the first official gameplay of the PC remaster of Glover

Piko Interactive, through its Latin America Entertainment subsidiary called ZAZ TV, showed the first official gameplay of the PC HD remaster of Glover, which was a classic Nintendo 64 game that came out in 1998.

The gameplay was shown on their Twitch channel ( this Wednesday, and it lasted for about two hours, where they played live the first levels of the game. Although it’s still not the final version of the remaster, they mentioned that it was near its development completion.

Click here to watch the stream, but we have to mention that most of the commentaries are in Spanish and only some of them are in English. Nevertheless, they answered all of the English questions from the stream’s live chat, so you shouldn’t have a problem enjoying this gameplay at all.

Do you remember playing this game back in the day? They promised to show more classic games and previously unreleased titles in the future.

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