Deadpool returns – as a talking head toy

The fourth wall-breaking, teleporting and regenerating fan favourite anti-hero of the Marvel universe makes a different return. As a battery-powered head, Deadpool comes loaded with over 600 phrases and sound effects, perfect for adult pranks and party tricks. The batteries, four 1.5V C Alkalines (not included), also bring fuel to sensors and motors, which in turn makes the head feel even more alive. The head reacts to light, sound and movement and can even notice if it’s upside down.

Similar toys have been seen before, but this one is made for this age by the free app, which will enhance the experience and bring updates. Through the app, you can give the head commands in several categories, such as threats, insults and, ahem, bedtime.

Deadpool’s head will cost you $100 to pre-order and will ship around September 1st.

Staff Writer

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